New dawn? Internet Explorer 8 released

You may not be aware of this but web developers hate Internet Explorer 1/2/3/4/5/6/7. No, hate is too weak a word. Despise, revile and abominate would be more appropriate.

Why developers hate IE...

When a designer builds a website he or she expects it to look the same no matter which browser it is viewed in. To this end there is a set of browser compliance standards. Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera make fine efforts to pass the test. Microsoft, however has arrogantly ignored these standards. Hence the designer must fiddle around with tedious bits of additional code to make it look and work properly. Do not underestimate how aggravating this can be.

Random quotes:

'As someone who writes web apps IE has wasted thousands of hours of my time, hate is not even a strong enough word to express how I feel about IE.'

'I like to say I don’t hate anyone or anything in this world, because hate is a powerful word, but I absolutely hate Internet Explorer.'

'Look, I hate IE. I hate it.'

Happy days?

Good news everybody - IE 8 is the first version of Microsoft's browser to be compliant with some key industry standards: HTML and CSS.

Problem solved?

I'm afraid not. There are people out there still using IE6, never mind IE7. It's early days but so far the take up of IE8 has been slow and we have yet to see the inevitable set of new problems that this release brings with it.

Should you upgrade to IE8?

I'd wait a while but you can always try it and then remove it later. Maybe a better idea all together is to use one of the following browsers instead:





In fact there's no reason why you shouldn't install and test all of them.

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  1. paulaube says:

    Steve thank you for sharing this within the community you have created.

    Elsewhere - can we change the theme back to the last one you had - not that old rusty one - the stripped down sleek version you had up before this one.

    Thank you.

    Sorry to keep going on about this but it's something i feel I say I feel I say I feel very strongly about.

    And isn't it all about pleasing the end user?

    • Steve says:

      Are you referring to the themeless theme?


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