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Debra Anne Clement Astrologer


Debra Anne Clement is a consulting and teaching astrologer with more than 20 years of professional experience counseling clients from all walks of life.  A self-taught astrologer, she is highly regarded for her expertise in natal and predictive astrology. Check out her website:


Lyle Brotherton, author of The Collins Ultimate Navigation Manual, asked me to update his site utilising some of the great photography he had acquired during his travels. He also wanted ecommerce ability so he could sell his new book online. You can see the results here:



AirComps is a part of Rheological. We undertake to supply air compressors and install complete systems to meet individual requirements including ancillaries such as dryers, filters, receivers, condensate management and downstream equipment. This ecommerce site was also constructed using WordPress. Check out the website here »



  Rheological are UK based experts in the industrial application and flow of materials such as Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants and many other mediums. Products include hot glue guns, adhesive applicators, and a range of machines and spray equipment. This product showcase was constructed using WordPress. Check out the website here »


Pamela is an emerging artist, who is process driven with an experimental approach which creates unforeseen and interesting results. Her experience is within the built environment having studied Architectural Engineering, she then continued to work as a design engineer within this field whilst establishing herself as a fine artist. Check out her website here >>

Harrogate International Festivals


In cooperation with the Conrad Davies Company I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Harrogate International Festivals new website. HIF, who had previously being using Adobe Contribute, wanted an easier admin system and we decided WordPress was the way forward. Based on Conrad’s branding the site spans three areas – the HIF main portal, the Summer Music Festival and the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival.

In Rust we trust…

Now this brings me to the monstrosity that is my new website. Let’s be honest it’s a tadge overpowering ;-) It’s based on a great theme by FTL WordPress Themes which I discovered at Smashing Magazine called ‘Color paper’. I’ve oxidised it into the present scrap yard you see before you. Reading FTL’s website I’m left somewhat confused. They offer a great selection of top themes all which are free,…