Google Scary View

Have you checked out Google's big brother view?  Damn scary stuff - hope you weren't undressing when their camera car was passing. They've got street views of 25 major towns so far, including Leeds.


Just go to Google maps and zoom in - then zoom in a bit more. Or test it out below.

Thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and check out my time in London.

The bustling hive of activity that was Battersea's student halls of residence doesn't look much different from when I was there. Only it's now certified as derelict. What a waste - it overlooked Battersea Park. Though the locals are kicking up a fuss.

Of course Street View is not without it's detractors - the main concern being privacy.


The cities covered by Street View UK are: London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Swansea, York, Newcastle, Dundee, Southampton, Norwich and Scunthorpe.

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