What happened next…

Hello people. Recently a client asked me if I did WordPress sites. Now here's the rub - it's been a long time since I'd ventured into the crazy world of blogging. The last time I looked at WordPress I opted for Blogger. Back then the interface looked daunting - and I wouldn't want to daunt my clients. OK I confess - I was daunted too.

But more important than that - it didn't handle static pages (i.e. pages not part of a blog). So as a full CMS solution it really didn't hit the naughty buttons.

So how come nobody told me about Version 1.5


WordPress 1.5 was released on 17 February 2005. It added a range of new vital features. One such is being able to manage static pages. This allows content pages to be created and managed outside the normal blog chronology and has been the first step away from being simple blog management software to becoming a full content management system. Another is the new template/theme system, which allows users to easily activate and deactivate "skins" for their sites.

And so what you are witnessing here is a burst of enthusiasm not experienced since the day my Apple Classic II was delivered.

Hang on I hear you say  - what the hell are you talking about? Fear not, I understand. It's quite simple - WordPress is this.

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  1. birstwithgrim says:

    I thought we were up to WP version 2.0 now - and then some.... Two point dot nought one point six or something? six six six?

    • Steve says:

      Indeed - we're at 2.7.1 but version 1.5 was the clincher with the introduction of static pages.

  2. birstwithgrim says:

    thanks for clearing that one up. LOL.

    Have u told anybody else about this then - don't say we're the only two - that would just break my heart. Spread the word man. Or i will.

    • Steve says:

      It occurs to me that there are definite advantages in being 4 years behind - think of all those nasty bugs we haven't had to to deal with. Plus the development of new plugins/themes etc that have been made while we've been stumbling about with dreamweaver ;-)

  3. Steve says:

    The only 2 who know - we're 4 years behind!


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