What happened after what happened next…

I'm not a code-head. Maybe there are a certain proportion of my brain cells dedicated to code but I try to ignore them. I mean come on, how many people understand this:


More to the point - how many people want to understand it?

There are in fact millions of people who understand it (hmm, actually my code cells understand a tidgy bit of it) and they have created millions of WordPress themes all waiting to be used and abused. Do a search for 'free wordpress themes' and you'll understand. So what was my next step? It was to find the most easily manipulatable theme out there. So far the prize goes to Atahualpa. This theme has so many options you can transform it into a cart load of mexican chihuahuas.

The result is the work in progress - a website for ShavenRaspberry.com - and the underlying theme is unrecognisable. But since the original theme is open source and free to use I will leave the creator Flynn's credit at the bottom. Clever chap that Flynn.

Graphic Designer

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